"The Power Of Blindness" - A Piece Worth Reading

In our society  of today,  blind people are most times seen as persons with a disability or people who are difficient as far as vision is concerned.  Well,  that may be true in the physical but it is not so when you view it from the inner human realm perspective. 

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The blind has an extraordinary  blessing and gifting as far as sensitivity  is concerned.  What distracts you that have vision doesn't distract them. They're  totally shut out from the forces of sight that ruin minds in terms of sight.  All the energy  they would have used in sight finally becomes a reinforcement  for sensitivity in all other senses of a human being.  

A blind man can sense a car coming miles away but you with sight can't . 


learn to shut yourself out (go blind)  from so many things  that distract you from your goals and future plans.  Channel  that energy  towards what you need to get done to grow your muscles to be able to see expected results.  

Choose to be blind as far as certain distractions are concerned. Being blind in this perspective is advantageous after all.  

"Sight is a distraction to humans " - Cobhams Asuquo 

Mind what you give your sight!!!!! 

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