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PH Single Ladies Charged To Let Go!

Single ladies in Port Harcourt have been advised to let go of the pain and hurts from past experiences and relationships which could impede future growth.
This charge was made by Mary Chinda, the Convener of the Single Ladies Conference in Port Harcourt, recently. Chinda, in an opening remark explained that the reason for theme The Single Lady: Self Discovery, Enterpreneurship & Marriage was to sensitize the Single Lady in Port Harcourt to first discover themselves, find purpose  and get entrepreneurial before marriage. "The emphasis is not on just getting married but achieving self discovery while you are single and waiting to be married."

The Ikwerre-born TV Host who spoke on 'Pain to Purpose' hinted that as a single lady gets sexually entangle while jumping from from relationship to relationship, a bit of her self esteem may be depleted hence the need for being truly single and whole while waiting for Mr Right. She added that the painful experience such as rape, molestation and emotional abuse which single ladies face could turn around to be purpose on their journey to destiny. "You've gig to turn your pain onto purpose. Your pain had got to pay-write that book, those songs, those scripts etc that the pain you go through births in you' Chinda counseled.

Similarly, Nollywood Actress Hilda Dokubo while agreeing  with Mary Chinda's message reminded women of their noble roles as nurturers and life-givers. Dokubo whose talk centered on 'Understanding Womanhood' reminded participants that most men want strong purpose-driven women as wives. "Go to school, get that knowledge, get that craft and make money as a single lady. No man wants to marry a financial or spiritual liability." She remarked.

While some participants described the conference as timely in the Port Harcourt space, others described it as the birthing of their visions.

A key facilitator at the conference and Team Lead of the organizing committee, Barnabas McClint Ebiede, during the talk show segment charged women not to allow society limit them "Women read books like 10 Things Men Want in a Woman; 5 Ways to Get a Man, etc, how about 5 Things Women Want for Themselves? It's time single ladies rise up and define what they want and don't want for themselves, let the man find you being you" he emphasized.
Mary Chinda and Hilda Dokubo @SLC PH

Other facilitators at the conference were Lagos-based marriage counselor Lovett Obiakalusi, and Port Harcourt based entrepreneurial coach Mercy Bello.