5 Amazing Impacts of Cartoons on Kids

Ever since  the 1920s, cartoons have been  playing crucial roles in the movie industries for entertaining kids. Walt Disney have always be known for producing the  greatly cherished and loved cartoon called “Mickey Mouse”. Walt Disney started out on this production alongside with his friend Ub Iwerks in 1920. mickey mouse cartoon was a personality which plays a script of overcoming difficult situations as he(mickey mouse) is always finding himself in trouble. It is usually fun for kids.

Another popular cartoon series for kids is Tom and Jerry produced by Fred Quimby(1886-1965). Fred  Quimby was an American film producer and head of Metro Goldwyn Mayer Short films Department. The tom and jerry series was a hand work of him and his team.  As of today, we can count hundreds of different cartoon movie producers all across the world. They produce different types of it that aid the intellectual development of kids. After studying  the tremendous growth in cartoon movies for kids, I went on to check out its importance and impact on kids and I got some answers that are practical and good for kid’s positive development in growth. Below are some influences that cartoons have on kids.
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1.Teaches Kids Good English:
This was the first thing I observed from cartoons. Their English are properly edited that no error is present in any of their utterances. While kids watch these movies over and over, they  begin to store up in their memory every word used by the cartoon in the movies. Some times, they use these words while playing around with their fellow kids. From this stage, they grow with a good command of the English Language. Not just the words but also the grammatical meaning as some animations  display the definition of some words by actions or symbols.
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From the cartoons too, kids learn the proper pronunciation of words in English language. When parents allow their kids to watch cartoons, they don’t just allow them have fun but also give them a chance of learning good English as they grow up.

2.Helps Them To Be Smart:
Some animations  such as the Tom and Jerry  do teach  kids how to be smart in everything they do. This is because the character jerry tends to play wisdom by actions to override Tom’s trouble in most  series of this animation. From this little briefing about the script description  of Tom and Jerry animations, you will see that when kids watch, they will learn to be wise in their actions. As parents give them orders to follow, they won’t  find it difficult to obey as their understanding has had a clue of being smart to do what is right to avoid trouble. Even though they are little kids but the cartoon which they’ve watched makes them smart for their own good and that of their parents as well.

Outside the home, this will guide them as well. They won’t  abandon errands and run after other kids in the neighborhood to play around. Neither would they be playing around the street roads. This is because they’ve seen some  consequences of such actions  in some scenes of the Tom and jerry series, Mickey Mouse, Alice in The Wonderland, Frozen and lots more.  Help your kids to get used to watching cartoons and you won’t regret it in any way at all.

3.It Paints A Beautiful Picture Of The World to Them:
Another great impact of animations on children is that it has a unique pattern of painting a picture about the world to them. That is why if kids are asked to sketch freely on anything, their paintings or drawings are usually funny and inspiring. This is simply because their view of the world is so innocent and pure in its true form. Cartoons avoids corrupting the mindsets of kids in any way. Instead it teaches them what to do and what not to do. That is why there are censor boards that monitor every animation production for kids. This is to avoid any mistakes that may tamper the innocence and purity of kids who are still growing up.

4. It Teaches Them Friendliness:
 Animations  like  Pokemon  expresses the relevance of friendship but in a kiddy manner for kids. From animations of this category, a kid would grow with an understanding that having a friend has an advantage and that being a good friend also has benefits as well. When a growing child has this concept embedded on the inside, such a child would grows to be a faithful team worker or even a leader. It is at an early stage that children are being prepared for the future so that they would play their roles in the society properly well.
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5.It Makes Them Confident of Themselves:
When a child taps lots of knowledge from cartoons as earlier discussed, such a child would be confident of his/herself anywhere. This is because the knowledge bank of  such a kid is filled up with necessary wisdom for positive growth. The little child may not even notice this quality but adults around such a child would definitely know. Why not help increase your kids intellectually by helping them with every available knowledge source at your disposal?
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Above are some influences that cartoons have on Kids. Now over to you my dearest friends. What other impact do cartoons have on Kids?

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