3 Reasons why Nigeria Needs a Less than 40 year Old President come 2019

The huzz and buzzes about the forth coming 2019 presidential election in Nigeria has remained a hot topic on all media platforms in Nigeria as regards to who should run for presidency and who shouldn’t by party preferences and zoning ticket shuffles but, these funny ambitious Political parties such as the APC and PDP have not cared well enough for Nigeria’s growth irrespective of their fake development pledges which they keep making up and down via diverse media platforms. Why do we here at Gistpark Media regard it as such?

We regard most political parties in Nigeria as propagandas because all they do is manipulate a Country of over 200 Million people and eat deep into the soul of the Country. What has been going on is nothing but a reshuffle of old grey-headed men who messed up the nation during their military ruling days. Many of them have ruled Nigeria as military leaders and as well as civilians and yet won’t give way for other generations with greater foresight to take the Nation Nigeria to the promise land because right now, Nigeria seems to be living barely on her past glory. The 2019 presidential election will speak volumes of the future of Nigeria for the next 20 to 30 years because whatsoever trend or pattern is employed in 2019 elections is what will continue to reign for a given period of time.

If Former President and head of state Olusegun Obasanjo had succeeded with his thirst for power way back in 2006-2007 with his propaganda for a 3rd term tenure structure for the office of the President, by now, Nigeria would have been in a more dangerous mess as successors of the office would use their political influences to make office tenures range into 4th term and more. This is why there is an urgent need for the Nigerian youths to wake up and flush out the old system of politics as they are nothing but archaic and no longer result returning as needed in this 21st century. What our grandfathers used to do in the 80s’ is no longer effective in the 2000s’.

The so called call for cattle colonies currently in Nigeria is nothing but an archaic method of curtailing the terrorist like Fulani herdsmen who have decided that Nigeria would not have peace of mind in different geopolitical zones. The best method applied by so many nations is Cattle ranches which in turns yields amazing economic importance but the old men ruling Nigeria currently wouldn’t think outside the box or should we say they are nothing but cat-like in stubbornness?
In this article, we have outlined some key reasons why Nigeria’s Next President should be 40 years of age at maximum as far as Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential election concerned.

1. Nigeria needs a Political/Leadership Revolution Like never Before:
Nigeria’s current status in terms of economy, security, Education, statesmanship, politics shows how hungry and starved the country is with regards to the need for a sincere massive revolution in all the field aforementioned. But the question remains “can these old tired men with no foresight anymore offer revolutions to what they messed up?”

You can’t bring out a revolution for a mess you caused. Revolution always comes about on any matter of interest when a certain group or category of persons in a given society spear-head the leading into a new nation. Only the youths of Nigeria can bring about a revolution that will lead Nigeria to her promise land but how ready the youths are is key and a bed rock towards a revolution becoming a reality in Nigeria. 

2. Nigeria needs Technology to become Great :
When the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg came to Nigeria sometime in 2017, it was such an embarrassment that the minster who leads the ministry in charge of technology and science affairs of the nation was an old man has no background in anything called Technology. In fact, his first degree has nothing to do with what he does for a living on an average note. So, how can such a man deliver the needed ideas to move the country forward technologically? There are several other ministers of diverse ministries in Nigeria who have no prior knowledge or needed practical experiences needed by the ministries they lead.

These examples are reasons why the younger generation that have come to know better how the 21st century works need to actually take their places. In the 50s’ and 60s’ the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe , Herbert Macaulay gave way for the younger ones to come up and that was when the likes of Gowon, Buhari, IBB, Murtala etc all came to rule at less than 40 years of age in their time but after all those days, it is clear that they’ve sworn never to leave power as almost all of them still manipulates who will rule and who will not. Is this not madness?

3. Nigeria Needs to have new result-birthing Brains :
Naturally, when a human begins to age, the level of ideas he/she births deteriorates as aging affects the thinking faculty and this why we have cases such as aged citizens behaving like little children and needing special care as from 80 and above. So, if this research and reality exists, what is a 75+ year old doing in the office as a president of a Nation? Zimbabwe had to show how tired they were by ejecting Robert Mugabe out of Office by force via the military though they still messed up by allowing the aged vice president stay back in office. When the aged rule, there tends to be too much uncalled for loopholes as their manner of approach towards pressing needs of the people tends to be too slow or ineffective as it is usually or almost pointless when it finally comes.

In the Nigeria’s forthcoming Presidential election, Nigerians seriously need to wake up and stop availing themselves to be brainwashed and finally being led back to 18th century for no just reason all in the name of considering public office aspirants with regards to tribe, religion and more. 

Written By:
Ike Ani
Twitter: @Officialikeani