"Is Miyetti Allah Becoming a New Terror group Seeking Caliphates?" By Ike Ani

Miyetti Allah has always been known as the governing body with exco members with regards to the Fulani nomads and more with Sultan of Sokoto, Emir of Kano as their Patrons currently. But, the recent activities of the Fulani nomads across Nigeria are more like that of Boko Haram when they were seeking for Caliphates in the North-eastern Nigeria (Borno, Yobe and Adamawa state). Why do i say or think so?

By analysis of their reactions to the Benue killings, the Miyetti Allah sounded more like the ISIS, Taliban, Al-shabab and Al-Qaeda terror groups who have vowed that their individual nations won’t have peace of mind. Miyetti Allah openly accepted responsibility for the Massacre in Benue state indirectly by giving conditions that will satisfy their group so that the killings will stop in Benue. As a matter of fact, the Miyetti Allah is in disguise seeking for Caliphates in Benue rural areas by force against the tribesmen who generationally owns the lands. Are they not becoming a terror group already? – These questions deserves an answer from the office of the President of Nigeria who through the military declared IPOB (all Igbos) a terrorist group without seeing them with any firearms yet declared them so.

The military’s operation ‘python dance’ was carried out to curtail the alleged excesses of the IPOB group in the South east but what amazes me right now is that there is no single versioned mission by the military to curtail the excesses of the Fulani Nomads (herdsmen) in Nigeria to the extent that they would have the guts to come on live Tele-broadcast  to air annoying conditions to end massacres in the region they desire to stay and take over and yet Nigeria has 3 arms of government, with diverse classes of military where billions of Naira are allocated for months for the sake of moving the country forward. In my own analysis, Nigeria is a failed state because we have already by reason of neglect of the book of law failed ourselves in all ramifications: Education, security, employment, curtailing terrorism etc.

Instead of the killings to be attended to in a civil manner, it is being treated with sentiments and childish approach which leaves the affected citizens with no choice than to seek for opportunities to avenge the deaths of their loved ones who were victims of poor governance at all levels in Nigeria. When will Nigeria get better?

Miyetti Allah I declare are a terrorist group not minding their original aims and objectives at the beginning because right now, they have shown that they are nothing but a decoy for a hidden terror group which Nigeria is yet to discover. The truth of all these mess will soon be known.
Miyetti Allah perpetrated all sorts of evil and came out to give conditions and all of a sudden, their conditions are stylishly being granted by the Federal and some state governments all in the name of cattle colony. The question here is, why must there be killings of innocent citizens before there will be some stupid cattle colony which some myopic Nigerians are already faking to understand and broadcasting on social media. Are cattle now seeking independence and hence have to war with humans to death through their owners? Humans are being slaughtered like goats because some Businessmen want to own the whole country with their secret deadly, evil plans and of course, the President came out to plead with Benue to forgive and cohabitate with the foreigners that massacred their own tribesmen.

Is Nigeria not becoming messier by the day? Every politician is busy thinking of how to win the next election and never thinking of how to move the country forward. It is a total shame. Anyways, what do Nigeria expect to get when she keeps putting to power some old military men who ruled Nigeria since they were below 30 years of age. I guess one day, we will also have Burutai as President when he’s done with the Military. God will have mercy on Nigeria.

Written by Ike Ani
Connect with him on Twitter: @Officialikeani