3 Possible Genocides that will happen in Nigeria if FG keeps Being Foolish

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In the reports from the last 4 months of 2017, Nigeria has suffered incessant killings and attacks by some heartless, Jihad-driven, blood thirsty cannibals who are always being referred to as Fulani herdsmen. These hoodlums who dwell amidst their cattle which is almost more humane than them who lead them have for the past 2 years in Buhari’s Administration become immune to Police arrest or questioning as they are somewhat regarded invisible after attacking innocent Nigerians.

These criminals who are regarded as nomads, have over the years acquired for themselves AK47 rifles with lots of bullets to perpetrate all sorts of killing spree in any region of Nigeria they so please per season because the current Government does nothing except to come on air via government officials to speak childish about an incident that claimed the lives of Nigerians in diverse regions. It seems this current administration has taken Nigerians as cattle just as the terrorist-herdsmen do.

Before we go deep into this post, lets’ recall that on the 1st of January 2018, about 21 lives were lost in Rivers state. The incident which occurred after worshippers who went for a cross over night church program were attacked and murdered in cold blood. That was a happy new gift to Nigeria by some yet to be identified blood suckers. As far as we here at Gistpark media are concerned, those responsible are Terrorists. We all must not wait till we hear a bomb blast before we believe that it could be Boko haram or any other terror group. Boko Haram could be responsible but wouldn’t claim responsibility so it doesn’t lead to civil war as the south will flush out Muslims in the south and likewise North. Reason being that those killed were Christians.

Benue in the new year 2018, have had her own taste of the usual gruesome attacks by herdsmen though this was not the first time but, the reactions of the state and Federal government to the killings shows that Nigeria maybe harboring some terrorist-like persons in the leadership circle of Nigeria. Nigerians till date have not gotten any clarification on why 10 people were killed by the Nigerian Soldiers who came out to control the protesting said crowd. Our question is, how comes Nigerian soldiers and police could come out to control protesting crowds who are left overs of the attack but could not function properly within Benue state to make such criminal operations by herdsmen impossible or rather minimal? Is it not funny how Buhari’s led administration would be so quick to pour out military men to go subject innocent Nigerians to unnecessary additional pain but fails to do same to tackle the terrorism that is already eating deep into Nigeria’s soil on a monthly basis?
In 2018, if the Federal Government doesn’t take proper positive moves with regards to the massacre by the Fulani Herdsmen, the following may happen in Numan Adamawa state, Jos and Benue.  The outcome may end up being regarded as Genocide.

2. The Kpachamas will Flush out Thousands of Fulani tribe in Adamawa state:
Lets’ recall that in 2017, Demsa local government area of Adamawa state experienced what we would like to call a terrorist attack because its original intent was to clear out every human living in the area. We are yet to be given reasons why the Nigerian military used fighter jets to bomb houses of the already being killed Nigerians. Some could have survived but the air strike made it impossible and at the end of it all, the Nigerian army and police could not bring to law any criminal to the notice of any media house and at large Nigerians. This single incidence and action of the Federal government has sent a lot of message to the Kpachama tribe people which is: “you don’t matter”. We drew this conclusion by virtue of their social media posts on Facebook and twitter which depicts their bitterness. The Kpachama’s are the dominant tribe that resides mostly in Numan and Demsa axis of Adamawa state.
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Historically, the fulanis are known to be unforgiving to any act of unkindness against them and can return even after 50 years gap to strike back in vengeance. Well, the Kpachamas  may not let go freely this incident especially with the way the Federal government is acting on it. If appropriate actions are not taken and made known to the affected local government areas of Adamawa state, the aggrieved will definitely strike back against the fulanis and this time, it will be worse than what the herdsmen have done so far.

3.Benue Youths will avenge the death of their own by flushing out the Fulanis in their region:
Naturally, when a total stranger enters a community and wants to be stupid, it is always easy to throw such a person out because he/she can be easily identified but logically think of what could happen to such a stranger if his crime was that of murder for no reason. We guess your logical answer tells what the Idomas and Tivs of Benue state will do to the Fulanis within Benue if the Federal Government fails to do the needful.
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Already, Benue state indigenes are bitter by reason of the comments of the Nigerian Police on the incident in which they regarded the whole scenario as a communal clash and this will end up changing the official reports. The villagers who were attacked know exactly those responsible but the political gimmicks in Nigeria wouldn’t let the truth prevail and as such, may lead to more killings.
Nigerians back in 2017 were so optimistic about positive growth and advancement as a people but have thus far been saddened by so much killings in just a week. It is really a bad way for a country to kick start a new year.