3 books you should read about investment

3 books you should read today on investment

To know more about investments, you need to read books on investments.

One of the ways to get more money is to invest and you cannot start investing if you do not have any idea about investing but reading books on investments could give you insights on investments.
Here are three books on investments you can pick up today to read, which are endorsed by Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of all time.

1.The intelligent investor

The intelligent investor was written by Benjamin Graham who was Warren Buffett’s mentor.
The book teaches about an investment approach called value investing which Benjamin Graham came up with and taught at Columbia business school.
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Warren says he picked up the book at age nineteen and that was one of his luckiest moment if his life because it gave him an intellectual approach to investing.
"Intelligent investment is more a matter of mental approach than it is of technique," says Graham.

2. Security analysis

Security analysis is another book by Warren Buffett’s mentor, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd
The book teaches that if you know how to thoroughly analyse, you can get to know the value of a company.
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Buffett’s says the book security analysis has given him a roadmap to investing which he has been following for over fifty-seven years.

3. The little book of common sense investing

The little book of common sense investing by Jack Bogle was endorsed by Warren Buffett in his company’s shareholder letter, Berkshire Hathaway.
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The little book of common sense investing tells how to build wealth using index funds and also warning against investment trends.