Vlogging: The Online Business Nigerian Ladies Ignore

Nigerian graduates keep complaining of lack of jobs in the country and yet it’s as if the Government is doing little or nothing about it over the years. The truth is, there are little or no jobs at all for the fresh/old graduates of the country currently but does that mean that they should just stay idle and waste with their numerous skills, potentials and talents? Absolutely no! That is why in this article I have compiled step by step guide On Vlogging that Nigerian ladies should venture into instead of taking marriage as a career plan as some do these days.

Online, there are several jobs to do that can actually yield some manageable amount of income to survive, buy food and afford house rent and as well build on a career basis. Below we will be elaborating more in few points, step by step for Vlogging  that best suits Nigerian ladies who have certain skills that needs an online audience and that can in turn yield them some cash for up keep.

v  What is Vlogging?
vlogging is a term that describes the act of making videos and uploading them to live streaming platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and more.

        1. Vlogging With Make-Up Videos:
I know what most females are currently thinking right now. “but I don’t know how to shoot/edit a video and besides I don’t have a laptop or desktop” well that has been resolved these days of ours where there are different Apps on the android and windows smartphones such as Viva Video app , BeautyPlus and more. As a young lady that has the skills of making people up for weddings and other ceremonies, it is high time you create a job online for yourself. 

        2.  Show off your Designs in video forms if you’re a designer:
If you are into fashion designing or tailoring, you can decide to show off your work pieces online in video forms. A simple show off of Celebrity Ebuka’s special Agbada just made the designer famous and got him more customers online and offline. So online platform, are really tools to leverage on to reach large customer base to earn more income.

By simply taking coverage of your make up jobs and other skills with your phone whenever you get a contract to make someone up at any event or even in your spare time. If you can’t afford a tripod to stable your smartphone while videoing, you can plead with a friend to help you video the make up process while you explain what you are doing in the video.

After making the video, then it’s time to get to Youtube to upload your video. If you don’t have a gmail,  sign up and have one. It’s pretty simple. After that;

Visit  youtube.com
Login at youtube using  your Gmail
Establish your dashboard with the necessary details/descriptions to help your potential audience understand what your youtube channel is all about.
Upload your video using the “upload” button on the youtube dashboard.

I know you have been thinking of this all along the above processes of vlogging. Well, it’s easy to monetize videos on Youtube as it can be integrated with Google Adsense through which you can earn some cash as your channel pulls lots and lots of views to itself. To achieve this, you can use the monetization button on the dashboard to achieve that.

Note: after applying to Google Adsense to approve your channel, it may take 24hrs or days/weeks before they reply or approve/disapprove it.

How Can I get Viewers to My Youtube Videos?
Uploading your videos on Youtube is not enough as you need to copy the link of the video and share on different platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and the rest of them. From there, some persons may pick interest and watch and as well subscribe to your channel and share with friends. Just start with this first and see how it goes.

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When you venture into Vlogging as a young lady, you have a lot more chances as your audience and the views your videos pull will also attract advertisers to your channel who may want you to upload their business short clip on your channel as they pay. Don’t let your skills/talents waste while you can actually male something out of it.

What’s your thought on this Business idea for Nigerian ladies?