Tips on How to pretend and make yourself busy

Hey! Maybe you’re having difficulties setting your mind to act on daily grinds because your conscience wouldn’t let, pretend a moment on these other ways around it and watch yourself get busy!

Here is one of the only times I’d encourage that you ‘pretend’ to do something else or be someone else when you need to achieve a goal or if you need to cross out the deadline of your task. We know too well that there are times motivation could be having its beauty sleep while you wait earnestly for it to show up somewhere. Here’s the deal, you don’t have to wait. Instead, improvise on some ‘pretend skills’ and get to work instantly.

Below are a few examples of common projects and their ‘pretend ways’ to execute them. You could generate ideas from them for your major projects.

You don’t feel too strong to do your laundry yourself so you opt for having the unclean clothes sent to the dry cleaners, but you still have this tug in your chest pushing you to save your money and do your work independently.
How about to pretend you have a management meeting coming up, or a special church thanksgiving, or a potential job interview, and sending your clothes out to the dry cleaner is a lot more affordable than having to go shop for new sophisticated clothes?
You’re weary of your own cooking and you have the desire to consume a meal of taste distinct from yours, but you’re tormented by the thoughts of paying for a meal you feel is overpriced and you can make for about one-third the price it’s being sold at restaurants/fast food joints.
How about to pretend you’re having to celebrate an occasion/milestone in your life (your family’s or your friend’s) so you shouldn't labor out the joy of the day. Better still, you place an order for a meal you couldn’t ordinarily cook by yourself because of the rare/specific ingredients needed? Preferably a meal with name difficult to pronounce.
You need to be somewhere rather imperative, and you’re having a lazy day, neither feeling like driving yourself nor hopping on and off various transit means, but the thought of calling for a taxi (or Uber) and unnecessarily denting the state of your bank account balance is unappealing. How about to pretend you were an invited guest of where you need to be at, so you’ll only appear to be borrowing from your account as you would be reimbursed (at the end of the quarter perhaps). Hopefully you forget to worry after time passes.
You wish to provide assistance to somebody and you think this is something that ought to be undertaken, but you’re having to think a lot about it because this person isn’t the most generous and kindest person in the world. How about to pretend you have something to gain from this person or s/he is a distant cousin you’re obliged to attend to, or you were helping out a close friend’s sibling. Then giving your assistance would be a lot fairer, wouldn’t it?
What about when you have a bunch of activities lined up for which you have to execute all or a decent amount that day, and your alarm has done its part to set you up and ready, but you find yourself faffing and binging on social media.

How about to pretend the rate/extent of your internet usage gets charged on your current airtime balance and there was no other way around it? Or to pretend turning in the results of the tasks early enough would get you paid by the hour? Would that help to make you leave your device for a minute and get you on the move? Would any pretending help?

Written by Oluchi Irobunda.