HURRAY! Gives Christmas Promo

peoplesattitude forum

The forum which gives Nigerians from all geo-political zones a voice to discuss diverse topics with other intellects across Nigeria is currently dishing out Christmas Promo its members. So why not take a swipe at this Christmas Bonanza?
Are you wondering what the Forum is all about? Then Read the below brief insight about the forum

PeoplesAttitude’s mission is to make Nigerians more connected by creating a platform where people from each geopolitical zones can learn about one another’s cultures, quirks and attitudes.
This site is affiliated to Integrated Elvee Services Ltd and to Delizon Publishers Limited. Integrated Elvee Services fights the cause that aims to make every Nigerian benefit from Oil and Gas knowledge as well as the resources, as the peoples’ heritage.

Delizon Pulbishers Limited is an international publishing company which, in collaboration with Integrated Elvee Services Limited, hopes to achieve positive societal changes through open communications, socio-cultural integration, empowerment programmes, training and publishing educative materials home and abroad.

Peoplesattitude was originally developed by Dr Livinus Nosike and began as a platform for promoting cultural books and media products across international borders, and has gradually become an interactive hotspot and social network of the people, spanning several partners and projects displayed on the sponsored pane.

Dr Nosike recently dedicated the site to Naija people from all geopolitical zones. He is currently the Managing Director of Delizon and Elvee Group.

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