5 Quick Easy Ways to Spot Nigerians When You Are Abroad

Do Nigerians really like going abroad? We see hundreds and thousands of people at the International Airports everyday, but what percentage of the population are these people? How many Nigerians even have passports? Perhaps it is the ‘eternal’ unfavorable situation of the economy that makes it so hard to save for such, or the fear of being in the sky for way too long, but the few who are traveling this Christmas are probably traveling locally.
Thankfully, some Nigerians actually own a passport and really like to travel. The thing about these ‘travelling’ Nigerians though is that, for better or for worse, they tend to stand out when they travel abroad.
Believe it or not, Nigerians have some very unique habits that are dead giveaways of our nationality. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with being Nigerian, but we certainly have our fair share of eccentricities and oddities that can rub other cultures the wrong way. Here are 5 easy ways to spot Nigerians anywhere else in the world.

Spot the flashy and glamorous outfits
Travelling outside the country seems to be a sort of achievement for most Nigerians, so,
when they do travel out, they tend to wear a kind of confidence that comes off as them being all “bad and boujee”. From the bounce in their steps to the flamboyant attire, full facial makeup and glorious hair, you just have to notice them. The woman comfortably strolling Dubai mall in high heeled pumps, full makeup, and flashy jewellery is probably Nigerian; also, the man in the well-tailored suit waiting his turn at the London Eye is certainly Nigerian.

So loud… So, so LOUD!
Nigerians are popular for talking loud in public places when visiting abroad. Walk into a tourist bar and ask any of the officials how they can tell that a customer is Nigerian and noisemaking is the first thing they’ll mention. Nigerian just can’t be bothered with comportment. They are the  “classic” drama queens causing a scene in public. If they find a thing funny, they will not just laugh, they will squeal. They will take their phone call while in a bus or train and talk very loudly.  Worse is if they are in a group, you will be forced to listen to their gist. And do not even try to signal at them to keep their voices down, they will turn on you or give you the evil eye.

Zero sense of personal space & the need to ask inane questions
Nigerians are bold and friendly. And while this might seem like an admirable quality, their outgoing personality often startles the more reserved people like Germans and Brits. Unfortunately, Nigerians will not bat an eyelid when it comes to communicating with strangers. The Nigerian will be the one asking for directions on Oxford Street or questioning someone at the Trafalgar Square to know why there are not as many pigeons as reported.

What is a tip?
Americans have the obsessive culture of tipping so much that it is included in the bill most times. People in other countries remain courteous with their tips, however, Nigerians don’t. The few who do in the country do so to either appreciate the waiter or create an impression. Likewise, when they do travel, they do not adopt to the tipping culture. In fact, they sometimes kick up a fuss when they realize they have been forced to pay a certain percentage of tip. Even if they are out with  foreign friends abroad, you really cannot guilt a Nigerian into tipping

Road is road… for walking carelessly
The one you see walking on the bike lanes abroad are most likely Nigerians. But can you really blame them? In Nigeria obeying traffic laws is already a huge strain for them, talk less of pedestrian laws that they know nothing of.
What other ways do you think you can spot Nigerians abroad?
Credits: BellaNaija