5 brilliant hyper-realistic artists of 2017[+ Artworks]

Some Nigerian Instagram hyperrealists have taken the form of art to a whole new level this year with their incredible pieces. From Arinze Stanley to Oscar Ukonu, these creatives are not slowing down with their high-resolution paintings which have been displayed in exhibitions all over the world.

Oresegun Olumide paintings (Oresegun Olumide)

These five people will have you question whether you're actually looking at a painting or a photograph.

1. Arinze Stanley

Arinze Stanley hard at work (Arinze Stanley)

Arinze Stanley is an artistic genius whose work is beyond imitation. With charcoal and graphite pencil, Arinze creates works of art that closely imitate life, pouring out raw emotions onto a blank canvas. He is best known for his realistic life-size portraits of normal Africans, showing them in their natural habitats.
Arinze's drawings depict figures exhibiting strong or subtle emotions trapped within the strokes on the canvas.
He has received worldwide acclaim and won many awards including the 'World's best self-portrait' in American Art Awards which was judged by a panel of 25 American galleries. Arinze's debut group show was at the Omenka Gallery Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Olumide Oresegun

Art by Olumide Oresegun (Olumide Oresegun)

Oresegun is a Nigerian artist who draws inspiration from his community in making his hyper-realistic pieces.
On March 8, 2016, he received media attention in Nigeria and beyond after he posted some of his oil paintings on Facebook.
His drawing and painting are inspired by his environment, mostly using water as the principal theme of his works. Olumide currently owns an art studio in Ikorodu where he showcases his work and holds exhibitions.

3. Ken Nwadiogbu

Nwadiogbu is a 3-Dimensional Hyper Realistic fine artist who uses his pencils as well as acrylic and oil to create hyperrealistic portraits.
Nwadiogbu coveys his passion for activism through his artworks, depicting ideas of a better life, a better consciousness, and inspiring change.

4. Oscar Ukonu

Oscar Ukonu gained public consciousness when he started sharing photos of his works on social media (Oscar Ukonu)

Oscar Ukonu is a brilliant self-taught Nigerian artist, who uses only a pen to create stunning photorealistic portraits which take him an average of 100 to 120 hours to complete.
He shares his works and it's process on social for fans to ogle.

5. Ayo Filade

Art by Ayo FIlade (Ayo FIlade)

Ayo Filade, is an incredibly talented artist who refers to his style as a mixture of the art movements, surrealism and hyperrealism.