REMI ADEOYE II : The Policeman and Jungle Justice

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The curious case of Remi Adeoye II  (real name Aderemi Olufemi Adeoye)  and Mike Ile has opened a window into some of the reasons why the Nigeria Police Force is among the worst rated, corrupt police organisations in the world. People who see black and force people to call it white. I was following the whole saga from a neutral perspective until Mike's Camp released evidence of his deals with Petra Akinti Onyegbule, the Kogi Chief Press Secretary. Prior to that exposè, the policeman had told the world that no deal existed between Mike and Petra. He said Mike lied about the existence of such a deal. Now that evidence exists about the deal, he came out to defend himself by claiming that since there was no signed document, the deal was null and void. 

For argument sake, let's say, for a second, that there was no official contract. But the issue was, did Petra lie or not? Was that not the crux of the matter? There was also evidence that Petra had stolen from Mike before this time, evidenced by the "let lightening not strike twice in one spot" warning, and the CPS' assurance that it would not. So why didn't the policeman highlight these facts? Why is he too far gone in this issue to know where he went wrong? Is his ego taking charge? Why is he desperate to cover the truth? Why is he on a personal vendetta against the young man? Is it not absurd? If he was a neutral as he claims, he would have rebuked Petra for lying against Mike. Again, Remi claimed that he did not ask Mike any questions before declaring him a fraudster because he  (Remi) has not read Mike his Miranda rights. But the same policeman went inbox to Petra to ask her questions. Did he read her any Miranda rights? The hypocrisy is so brazen, only a total idiot cannot read between the lines. If anything, the mere fact that records exist of Petra having stolen funds meant for Mike even before this particular incidence is enough for Remi to distance himself from the dishonest lady. Instead, they teamed up to cover their tracks by pulling wool over the eyes of gullible followers.

The issue is so interconnected with a lot of interests, it will amaze you. When Remi Adeoye made his first post on the 18th of October, some lawyer who is a member of the Buhari Media team here on Facebook reached out to Mike, offering his services to sue Remi. Mike always had his own lawyer but he allowed this dude a slot to make an input. Two days later, having held a few meetings and collected money from Mike for legal services, same dude told Mike that his political colleagues  (he mentioned their names....two doctors and a financial entreprenuer) called him and warned him to abandon Mike’s case, stating their desire to see him hang because of political differences and disagreements over time. These people are well known to Mike and he knows what to do. As a matter of fact, they tried using the same rogue lawyer to stampede Mike into hiding so that they could announce that he was on the run. But Mike has been in Abuja and has been to the police severally. He walks a free man and his case in court will be up soon as Remi Adeoye will shortly be served. Is it not even funny that a man who accused another of charity fraud is now into charity too? A serving policeman asking for donations to his personal account in the name of charity. One thing has become clear; ALL THAT THESE PEOPLE EVER WANTED TO BE, WAS MIKE

It is clear that Remi Adeoye saw an opportunity to raise his status on Facebook and grabbed it with extreme prejudice and aided by a band of gullible followers who fail to caution a policeman for such flagrant abuse of protocol and privilege, forgetting that one day, it may be their turn here as well. And they will look for someone to defend their rights then. I hope they don't find. A lot of rules have been broken by this policeman in pursuit of fame and vendetta, even an illiterate cop would be ashamed. Thankfully, Mike Ile, a guy I know, is not one to be cowed by such men. He will pursue justice and he will get it. It is also very infantile and revealing of the kind of man the cop is, if anyone tells him "Hey, this dude owes me money" and his headline becomes "He is a fraudster!", without even checking if there is an actual debt in the first place. What a policeman indeed. I hope Mike does not relent in his quest for justice. I hope that the Inspector-General of Police reforms the online activities of his personnel after this. It is a grave embarrassment that a senior officer will engage in such shameless Facebook victimization all for accolades. As for the praise singers, their behaviour is a small example of why Nigeria is where she is today. No questions asked, just follow anyone with a name. That's how they love their drama and gossip. After it’s all over, they return to their sad lives. The hunger remains. The real problems do not go away. Tomorrow one of them will fall victim to a man like this cop and they will cry when nobody helps them ask valid questions. Oh, before I forget, Remi claims that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Mike. See, in cases like this, the police would have invited Mike first. Where Mike refuses to honour the invite, the police then applies for a warrant to arrest. It's standard practise. You cannot declare a man as being on the run when you never invited him for questioning. Yet Mike has been to the police to submit his petition against Remi. He also went back again to write his statement once the case was given to a unit to handle. He walked in freely and walked out freely. Mike has also petitioned other relevant agencies. His solicitors also made their number public and asked that anyone who cannot reach Mike can reach them and they will provide Mike. They still have not gotten any call. It is a very funny world we live in.

The petty things people do for fame, relevance, and attention, you will not believe it. If I were Mike, I would ensure that Petra pays everything she owes. I would also charge her to court for the outrageous lies she has told. It's so disrespectful that such a character serves in a state cabinet. See the calibre of people there. Maybe this is why the Kogi governor is having challenges building his state. It's so incredible. In closing, I ask again, why is the policeman so desperate?

Once again, lets take a look at some chat screenshots between Mike Ile and Petra Akinti Onyebule which proves Remi Adeoye wrong on the statement he made with regards to that no deal ever existed between Mike and Petra.

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