Anambra Election: Governor Obiano wins second term bid in landslide

I’m sure I will win by a landslide - Obiano
Governor Willie Obiano has won himself a second term in office after contesting under the APGA against 35 other candidates on Saturday, November 18, 2017. According the results announced by the INEC office in Awka, Anambra state on Sunday, November 19, 2017, Obiano won the election in a landslide victory.

The governor had earlier boasted of winning the election and earning himself a second tenure after he voted at the Eri Primary School, Otuocha.

I’m happy with the turnout and I’m sure I will win by a landslide,” Obiano said.
In the same vein, Bianca Ojukwu, the widow of late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, had celebrated the victory of APGA in her ward while congratulating Governor Obaino of the overall victory at the election.
APGA has won 21 out of the 21 announced LG results by INEC.
Obiano won other candidates in their local governments making him the overall winner in the 21 local governments and affirming his confidence in winning in landslide.