3 Ways to use MindGuard App for Parenting in Nigeria

Parenting is a huge deal for every parent who wants the best for their children especially in the area of what their children are exposed to in the already large online community. MindGuard App has been designed by its team to make the quest of parenting easy for most Parents in Nigeria and even beyond.

So many adults today, are poor in self-control sexually simply because they were exposed to adult contents at a very young age when their minds couldn’t digest such contents. This is one of the core objectives of MindGuard App as far as parenting/coaching is concerned. What the children consume virtually matters in this generation where any sort of content can be uploaded on any of the social media platforms that are on the rise every year. 

We here at Gistpark media decided to run a review on the MindGuard App to see how it works and what its aims and objectives are. We found it very effective as long as Family building and parenting is concerned. Many parents are already downloading it from the App stores to get a hold of it as many children are already being damaged sexually and mentally because they have once viewed Porn clips and pictures on the internet without their parents’ notice.
We have listed out some ways you can make use of the MindGuard App in your home as you coach/parent your kids. 

          1. Install MindGuard in all your home computers and smart Phones/tablets:
These days, every new born child comes with a natural desire for technology. Most times while on transit in a public bus, I have had encounters with kids spying to see what an adult is viewing on his phone and they also pay rapt attention to how he operates it. This means that kids of this generation are naturally smart as far as digital gadgets are concerned. So what do you do as a parent? Install MindGuard App to protect your kids from porn at their early stage of growth.
          2. Keep track of your child’s usage of the home’s PC or Smart phones:
Since MindGuard App gives you the features to select which social app your child can access on the internet, this means that you can as well keep tracks of where he/she has visited as well. This will make you feel secured even if you’re away from home for hours. You will know that your child is virtually/digitally protected from adult contents on the internet. 

           3. Time Limit your Children’s use of the  Internet and shut them down Remotely:
Isn’t this so wonderful and more like a super power for parents in training their children? You can set time limits for your child’s duration on the internet using the MindGuard App and you can decide as well to shut them down from anywhere you are. You must not be at home to do so. This feature on the MindGuard App will help you discipline your child in terms of desires for the internet. It will help to control any form of addiction for social media or other online app the child may like using on a daily basis on the home computer or Smart Phones.

Below here are some excerpts from the MindGuard official website www.mindguard.com.ng
What is MindGuard App all about?
Mindguard is a platform for parents who care about the minds and development of their children. We at mindguard, combine technology and educational initiative to combat the modern threats to the minds of our children in the rapidly growing digital age.

We introduce our flagship applications, the Xooloo parents and digital coach app.
Xooloo Parents and Digital Coach App’s are part of mindguard’s initiative to guide and protect your child’s phones and gadgets from Sexual Predators, Self-harm (suicide sites), Cyber-bullying, Pornography/Other Age Restricted Content, Phishing and Vulnerability to Online Scams, Poor Attention, Posting Private Information (Damaged Reputations) and lack of sleep due to screen time.

What are the Benefits of using this Digital Coaching App?

With mindguard, your child’s browsing experience is secure because our web filtering technology blocks out pornographic and age restricted web pages but that’s not all

Track and set boundaries on how much time is spent on applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and the likes

Get notified when your young ones downloads a new application (even if you are out of the country!)

Completely shut down your young one’s device at bed time remotely, from your own device

Are all these benefits not worth it? Also note that Mindguard can be installed and used on android phones and tablets as well as iphones and ipads.


So,what do you think about this Parenting App? Please share your views in the comment box below