3 Crimes that will Trend Come 2018 in Nigeria

Crimes are already becoming like a daily routine activity in Nigeria for the past 2 years as more Nigerians are becoming barbarians with no conscience at all. Every day, the newspapers and news blogs across the nation carry different reports of graphic, incessant killings in every nook and cranny of the country. These annoying incidents leave the average Nigerian with a question which is “Do we really have law enforcement agencies in Nigeria?”  Well by paper and television interactive sessions with security officials and personnel on AIT, Channels Tv and others, we do.

This year 2017 has been clouded with so much crime that has broken the hearts of many Nigerians from Fulani herdsmen massacres to the Badoo cult group in Lagos to the husband stabbing in sleep hours that’s already making waves across Nigeria right now and others. Today, we here at Gistpark Media bring to you some of the possible crimes that may trend higher in rate come 2018.

         1. Geo-political zone clashes:
Right now in Nigeria, even a primary school pupil knows that all the tribes in Nigeria are having one thing or the other against each other either religiously or politically. These two categories of resentment has always been the bedrock for so many societal clashes over the years in Nigeria. In 2017, Nigeria almost suffered a re-enactment of the preamble of the 1967 civil war when some gullible northern youths declared October 1st as a ‘leave the north’ quick notice day to all south easterners residing in the north. This madness caused a lot of problems as it gave IPOB group the edge to cry out deeper for secession from the Nation. We all have seen how it claimed some persons’ lives in the east according to reports.

In 2018, if issues of this sort are not handled while politicians will be busy buying the hearts of gullible Nigerians with their bags of rice for the sake of 2019 elections, then those food items may be needed for feeding those families in bushes when different regions will start clashing with each other which is what the world calls ‘civil war’. God forbid such anyway.

          2. Cyber Crimes:
Cybercrimes are no news any longer in Nigeria but with the level of unemployment already in Nigeria, many youths are already designing smarter patterns of online fraud to employ and extort money from not just individuals or families anymore but even big organizations globally. This crime will wreck sales online and more if nothing is done about it from a smart perspective. 

         3. Homicide:
The level of homicide cases reported this year2017 were much and the approach towards them most of the time may result to more of it in the coming year. A woman stabs her husband to death and gets just a 7 years jail term? Are you kidding me? This is an edge for husband stabbing since the cost to pay is just 7 years (which is roughly 4 years by prison’s day and night calculations). Isn’t this encouraging more homicide? 2018 may harbor more of these barbaric acts if a better punishment is not defined for it.

which other crimes do you think are on the rise that we may have skipped? Please comment in the box below