"What Lies Within": 5 reasons why you should see movie this weekend

"What Lies Within" is currently showing in cinemas, and if you have interest in refreshing stories, then you should go see it.
A drama thriller, it stars Michelle Dede, Paul Etomi, Ebele Okaro, Kiki Omeil, Okey Uzoeshi, Vanessa Nzediegwu, Ken Erics, Odenike and Tope Tedela.

It was written by Paul Utomi and directed by Vanessa Nzediegwu.
Pulse Movies has put together five reasons why you should see the movie.

1. The Cast

Despite few inconsistencies in Ebele Okaro's character as Mama, she still emerges as the best, offering comic relief and eliciting laughter with her facial expressions.
Vanessa Nzediegwu does her best to channel the inner turmoil of a traumatized wife - she makes it possible for viewers to empathize with women in her situation. 
As Fiona in her acting debut, Michelle Dede is believably psychotic. Without much words, she hints a woman with a dark past.
Other cast members do their best to bring their characters to life.
  What Lies Within (YouTube)

2. It is a beautiful story

"What Lies within" chronicles 24 hours in the lives of two women Fiona and Ireti. They are thrown in the middle of a situation that affects their lives and those of their family.
Ignoring some of the clichΓ© dialogue and other distracting technical factors, the story is different, well written and engaging.

  What Lies Within

3. It's something different

After a year jammed with comedy movies - not that we are complaining - movies like "What Lies Within" is always a welcome alternative
It's not a thriller that tries to mess with your head with multiple layers of plot twists. It is just simple and different. It also has some funny scenes, thanks to Ebele Okaro and Tedela as the 'fake pastor,' Gboyega.
Also, with the ongoing conversations about exploring diverse genres, it is time viewers support what they want to see more of.
What Lies Within


4. It treats a topical issue

The movie treats a very important topic - domestic violence. "What Lies Within" is the latest movie to discuss violence in relationships.
While its major focus is on women as victims, it doesn't leave the male gender out of the conversation. This is seen in Derrick (Okey Uzoeshi), who uses needle to fix injuries inflicted on him by his girlfriend for fear of being ridiculed by the society.
  What Lies Within Nollywood movie

5. A realistic ending

It is not one of those endings you can sniff from the opening shot. "What Lies Within" is a reminder of the several crimes that people get away with in reality. It is simply a reflection of our society.
If the movie had had a different ending, it would have joined the long list of Nollywood movies that took the easy way out with their endings.
"What Lies Within" is a debut for the producers and director, and while just like most thrillers, it tends to overdo some of its suspense scenes with exaggerated sound effects, the movie is an interesting watch.
It is still showing in cinemas nationwide.