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The Ordinary Guys Merchandise company to hold fifth edition of "OG Xperience"

The OG Xperience Party "Dumbshxt Party"
Merchandising and events company, The Ordinary Guys Ltd who produces face caps, rubber slides and caps brings back "OG Xperience". This September, the signature event is back with a curious theme; "The DumbShxt Party” - inspired by new music titled 'Dumbshxt' from the forthcoming project 'Preston' by Peter Clarke.

playThe OG Xperience Party "Dumbshxt Party"

The OG Xperience is an alternative party that combines elements from art, music and gaming into one theme which creates a unique experience for the guests.
At The DumbShxt Party, you get to experience art curated by Ayo Lawson, partake in several gaming activities of choice and also enjoy seaside musical performances by artistes across from D-Truce, Oma Mahmud, D-O, Paybac, Peter Clarke to Maka, Phlow, Jazzz, Deena Ade and Losa Leke.
The OG Xperience Party "Dumbshxt Party"

The Ordinary Guys movement was launched at the first edition on the 8th of January 2017 and held subsequent editions in arch 2017 (OGX2) and May 2017 (21 Semesters) before taking a mid-year break to make plans for the rest of the year.
Date: September 24, 2017
Venue: Foreshore Harbours in Osborne foreshore ll, ikoyi, Lagos.
Gate Fee: N2,000 Only
Time: 4PM

Tickets will be available online from the 16th of September 2017 and you can check out the online store at