CEO of EbonyLife TV MO Abudu is prepared to make her directorial debut

MO Abudu is the Chief Executive Officer of EbonyLife Films
The CEO of EbonyFilms, MO Abudu, can't wait to make her directorial debut.
The executive producer of "Fifty," "The Royal Hibiscus Hotel" and "The Wedding Party" recently completed an intensive 3-week course for directors at the London Film School.
"This is an incredibly busy year at EbonyLife, with several series launches on our TV channel, two new films and several other projects in pre-production."
"However, I felt that it was really important to continue my growth as a filmmaker, with a view to directing my first feature in the near future," Abudu said.

MO Abudu graduates from London Film School (MichaelTubes )
The course covered the fundamentals of scriptwriting, visual language, choosing locations, working with actors, shooting, editing and post production.
"One critical area of learning for me was mise-en-scΓ¨ne - the arrangement of everything that appears in the frame – actors, lighting, decor, props and costumes," she said.
The Wedding Party MO Abudu made her debut into filmmaking with 'The Wedding Party.'

The course was led by Udayan Prasad, who directed the critically acclaimed 2008 movie, "The Yellow Handkerchief."
“I have learned so much over the last few weeks and I am really looking forward to putting all of it into practice very soon," Abudu said.
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(The Wedding Party)
The world premiere of her latest movie "The Royal Hibiscus Hotel" is set to hold on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).
There's also "The Wedding Party 2," which is scheduled for a December release.